The Challenge

The consumer packaged goods industry has long used focus groups to test ideas and gain insights on new product offerings. Looking for a less expensive alternative to get more reliable data based on anonymous responses, our client wanted a new, fresh and more direct way to gather data from individuals.

The Solution

Mota9 partnered with our client to develop an alternative method to conduct focus groups based on achieving four key objectives:

1. Spend less money, while getting the same, if not better, results
2. Deliver clear, measurable data sets
3. Create a repeatable solution
4. Easy and a natural fit with the lifestyle consumers are living today

The Results

With these objectives in mind, Mota9 created a digital solution that enabled the innovation team to interact directly with consumers to derive real-time data in the form of a digital focus group. In beta, the Mota9 and the CPG innovation team tested the mobile and desktop application with a sample focus group while simultaneously running a traditional focus group.

In comparing the resulting data sets, the innovation team found that they “…didn’t learn anything more in the focus group than we did with the insight digital solution Mota9 created. In fact, we learned MORE from the focus group who used the Mota9 insight tool.” In the long term, the Innovation Team intends to continue the shift from traditional to digital focus groups and is currently working with the Mota9 team to develop and test additional solutions. Ultimately, the goal is to build direct connections with consumers, thus enabling the innovation team to capture real-time feedback from their target market and develop customized products to meet their consumer’s needs.