The Challenge

Trojan is a brand rooted in trust and connection. Charged with envisioning the next line of intimate products to reach the millennial market, the Trojan innovation team needed a partner to help solidify new ideas and bring them to life.

The Solution

Mota9 and the Trojan team worked closely to flesh out ideas, visualize future possibilities, and bring them to life. Using consumer insights we worked together to develop new product packaging and sub-brands that would not only meet consumer needs, but evoke a specific brand essence. Through close collaboration with industrial designers we developed branding, graphics and line extensions to show how the new products would look and feel.

The Results

The end product showcased what the future Trojan shelf set could look like, and laid the foundation for how the products could evolve into new ideas that break into other categories. Together, Trojan and Mota9 envisioned the future and identified new opportunities for the brand to stay fresh and innovative. With solid concepts supported by inspired branding and design, the Trojan team were able to perform pre-market testing to see what was resonating with consumers, enabling the team to build strong connections with their target market and identify which products would deliver success.

Trojan innovation