The Challenge

Vitafusion had low brand recognition and high competition. They needed a product to stand out on the shelves and drive sales. The team felt that there was a disconnect between their brand, the Hair Skin and Nails packaging, and they story they wanted to tell.
They needed a new approach and vision to take their brand to the next level, so they partnered with Mota9 to create a brand look that goes beyond nutrition to address the emotional needs of beauty consumers.

The Solution

In collaboration with the Vitafusion beauty team, Mota9 recognized an opportunity to bring a beautiful, natural, luscious fruit to the forefront and make it the hero of the story. To appeal to their female consumer base, the team incorporated more color and typography onto the clean white bottle and developed a full wrap label, a first for Vitafusion. Graphic elements added to the sides gave the bottle a more slender, feminine look, departing from the big bulky feel of the previous bottle. To enhance the natural and delicious nutrition experience, a water element was added to the fruit.

The Results

After unveiling its new look, Vitafusion sales went up, and, despite no change to the formula, the visual appetite sparked by the design resulted in consumers reporting improved taste. Teaming up with with Vitafusion,  Mota9 created a story that engaged consumers from every touchpoint of their journey, building a deeper connection with buyers at each stage of the experience.