The Download on Podcasts

Here at Mota9, we believe in the power of story. In today’s crazy world, so much can change overnight; listening to podcasts is a great way to gain new knowledge and insights.  Because podcasts use audio content instead of written or video, you can listen to them on-the-go, whether you are on your commute, out for a walk or at the gym.


Research shows that one-third of Americans ages 25-54 listen to podcasts monthly. In 2018, six million more Americans listen to podcasts weekly vs 2017.  And people who love podcasts really love podcasts. Statistics show that audiences listen to all or most of 80% of the episodes they start. This is a huge number and it confirms that podcasts offer really high levels of engagement; advertisers and brands should feel confident knowing that people are engaged and listening.


In honor of #InternationalPodcastDay on Sunday, we polled the Mota9 staff to learn which podcasts they are listening to.  Here are the top 9 picks from our team. But let us know what podcasts you are listening to in the comments below- our ears are hungry for more!  

Mota9’s Top 9 Podcasts:

  1. Serial

  2. The Joe Rogan Experience

  3. Sword and Scale

  4. This American Life

  5. Up and Vanished

  6. Dirty John

  7. Radiolab

  8. WTF with Marc Maron

  9. Building a Storybrand